Ascend NTNU is an aerial robotics team consisting of students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Our goal is to become the best performing team at the International Aerial Robotics Competition, American Venue, and the AlphaPilot competition. We aim high, work hard, and create new and innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems in cybernetics and autonomy as of today.


Ascend NTNU was founded in spring 2015. In 2016, we competed and came third in IARC. We won the prize for the most innovative drone in 2017. In 2018, Mission 7 was completed, where we finished at third, and we won the prize for the most innovative drone, again! In 2019 at Mission 8, we won the awards for Best Technical Demonstration and Best System Design, and with that we also came in 1st overall in the American Venue! Currently, we are preparing for Mission 9 in 2021.

How we work

Flat and open structure

Ascend NTNU believes a flat and open organizational structure is best both for the wellbeing of our members and for results. Our goal is to be an organization where everyone is heard and can contribute where they want to.

Freedom and responsibility

We think motivation is about being given responsibility and trust. We believe that our members get the job done, and don’t spend resources on building heavy and demotivating control systems.

Learning by doing

No one in Ascend knows the exact solution to the problem they’re trying to solve. But everyone is open to learning new concepts and technologies. Our idea is that the best way to succeed is through trial and failure, learning, and getting help from good advisors.

Our workspace

All members of Ascend gain access to the Institute of Technical Cybernetics roof lab (“taklabben”), located at the roof of block A in the Electro building at Gløshaugen. This is a common workspace containing multiple powerful computers, all the equipment you will need, and a kiosk for members. At the roof lab the road from development to testing is short. 

Our collaborators

We have good contact with all of our sponsors and the Institute of Technical Cybernetics (ITK) and Department of Computer Science (IDI), both at NTNU. From the institutes we get access to different labs, equipment and competence. Several of our members write projects and master theses connected with their work at Ascend for IDI and ITK. Our sponsors are listed at the homepage.